Tuya Wifi Smart Touch Screen Center Control Panel Voice Control ZigBee Gateway Built-in For Intelligent Scenes 4 Inches Screen

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Color: center dash console

center dash console

Ships From: CHINA


Voltage: 100-240 V

100-240 V
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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: TPP01-Z

Certification: CE

Product Name: Smart Control Panel S

Input: 100-240VAC , 50/60Hz

Wireless protocol: WiFi and ZigBee

1.Product Overview
The smart control panel S adopts a 4-inch touch full screen, developed based on the Linux platform,
supports the installation of a standard Europe bottom box, can seamlessly replace the switch panel,
and integrates Zigbee gateway and Alexa voice service at the same time. Interact in various ways
to help users quickly and conveniently manage smart devices and scenes at home.
2.Application Industries
Smart Home/Home Appliances
Real Estate
3.Product Features
1、 Zigbee Gateway
Integrate the Zigbee gateway function, which can replace the Zigbee gateway at home, and
has the edge capability of local control
2、 Alexa Voice Service
Alexa Built-in,Support IoT control and Alexa voice skills
3、 Device Control
Multi ways of device control like: touch screen, app control and voice control, compatible with
most Tuya ecological devices.
4、 Scene Control
Both screen interaction and voice interaction can trigger scene control in order to meet
different needs in life
5、 Easy Installation
Wire installation, using the standard European standard base to complete the home
automation upgrade
6、 Easy Setup
Scan the code to log in, interact with the app, one-time configuration

Powerful hardware configuration


4-inch high-definition touch screen , AE coating anti-fingerprint, 480480

Chip platform

Quad-core ARM Cortexm-A351.5GHz


Flash 256MB , DDR 256MB

Dual Mic Array

Symmetric Noise Reduction


AAC 1813 SpeakerEasy installation

No electrician required, regular

cassettes can be installed

.Seamless replacement of existing

switch panelsSmart Control PanelS



Dedicated loT OS based on Linux

Engineers reconstructed the bottom layer of thesystem and used a more streamlined instruction setwhich brings faster system response and smoothercontrol experience. The device is more stable andreliable, adding luster to the user's smart life.

OS 4.0

OS Tailored for Home Scenarios

Based on the research on loT interaction in the home scenario.Tuya tailor-made a proprietary OS, taking the Smart Control Panelas the entrance, integrating fragmented smart home products intoone screen, and users can complete device control, One-clickscene execution, device network access, voice interaction andother functions to achieve a user-friendly interactive experience.

Theme Screensavers

1 . Flip Clock    2 .  Earth Light    3 . World of Mars

Quick Control

Quick Control

A more useful rQuick Controly

Fortime, we introduced the concept of fQuickControlg on Smart Control Panel. You can enter the QuickControlg by sliding down the home page. Taking the user'sinteractive operation as the starting point, we have carried outsystem-level_component classifcation of loT devices, anddesignedStandard containers are used to carry differentponents, maximize interaction effciency, and realize "whatyou see is what you get, and what you get is what you operate'Home Page

Home page customized for family scenes supports multiple wallpaper modes, the information is clear, and the operation can be achieved in one step

Exg uisite theme

Support multiple sets ofdifferent beautiful themes, users can choose freely

Weather information

Automatically display weather conditions outside

Date and time ·

Clear at a glance, real-time display of time, date and other information


Support to fix common devicesand common scenes to homepage, which is convenient tocontrol

Smart switching

Minimalist interaction, swipe left fordevice control, swipe right for one-clickscenarios, and swipe up for commonoperationsDevice and Scene

Device control and scene execution are the most frequent interactions in smart home. Theproprietary OS supports room area management, device quick control and fine interaction, andsupports one-cick execution of scenes.

Quick Control

Through tha device shortcut switch, you can quickhy control without enitering theoperaticn page

Fine-grained interaction

Reconstruct the interactive for for each type of equipment to achleve refinedcontro!

Smart scene

One-click cxecution of preset socnes without frequent operations

Room management

Supportseqferent room areas, which is conwvenlentPowered by Tuyacan be controlled by a Screen

Covering 8 categories, about 2,700 product series, more than 600,000 SKUZigbee & SigMesh


Built-in Zigbee gateway, support 100+ sub-devices to access the network, remote OTA upgrade

 Built-in SigMesh gateway Support cross-protocol and cross-gateway local linkageAlexa Voice Service

Alexa Built-in

Put Amazon Alexa in your walls and enjoy the convenienceof built-in clutter-free voice control with audio and visualresponses from a touchscreen panel on your wall.

Thanks to Alexa built-in, Smart Control Panel can realizevoice control of loT devices, trigger scenes, set alarm clocksweather forecasts, traffic broadcasts, etc.

Answer & Unlock TheDoor From SmartControl Panel

Now everyone at home can see who's at thedoor with a Smart Doorbell without needing aphone or app. You can also let people in with atap with a smart lockAudio & Video Call with Camera、Doorbell and Door Lock

P&T Camera , Smart Doorbell ,  Cube Camera , Photo Doorbell ,Battery Camera , Video DoorLockEdge Computing Brain

With Built-in Multimode Gateway , you can easily link Zigbee and SigMesh devices without a separategateway.

Thanks to the hardware capability and local networkfirst strategy , all devices can be controlled when thenetwork is disconnected

evice control without network

Tap-to-Run without network

Group control without network

Automation logic executes at the edge

Pairing devices without Mobile APP


1. Built-in Zigbee Gateway

2. Built-in SigMesh

3. In-wall to replace a switch

4. Local Control (off-network)

5. Edge Computing

6. Alexa Built-in

Additional Information

center dash console

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100-240 V